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Mogo Charms

This delightful brand of magnetic charms and linkable charmbands is THE fastest growing line of tween accessories in the US. MOGO is all about letting the tween girl express herself (and self expression is the rage for the tween-age girl!) With over 400 charms to choose from, there’s a super strong MOGO charm for every mood. From Letters and Bling to super cute collections with names like “Groovy Love” and “Pocket Pups” tweens are collecting and trading MOGO’s like crazy. And there’s more: the charmbands link together to make chokers, wrap bracelets, anklebands, belts and headbands.

Mogo Examples


Hi there! I’m LittleMissMatched and it’s been my mission to: 1) solve the age-old problem of the disappearing sock, 2) transform everyday products into necessary accessories, 3) give kids of all ages permission to express themselves and 4) allow girls to be girls for as long as they want. I've got all kinda stuff that'll knock your boring white socks off!

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Dr. Seuss Books

Elf on the Shelf


A Light in the Night (Limited Supply)

The makers of Elf on the Shelf have come out with a new book and toy combination that is geared just for helping ease night time fears. A Light in the Night is an adorable board book that features a sweet story about how the Light in the Night creature can be there when a child is scared. Along with the book comes the matching plush doll that has a glowing belly!

Scout - The Super Dooper Pooper

A Potty Training Kit with Before you go Bathroom Sprays and a wonderful Story book for the kids.

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